Anonymous: Why is life so unfare?

It just is for reasons unknown to man. Remember to focus on the positives and remind your self that this too shall pass. Never lose hope. You will make it through!

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Anonymous: How do i get rid of bullies?

I was bullied all throughout middle school. Its sad to say that sometimes its hard to get rid of bullies completely. Just know that it WILL GET BETTER. I know you probally hear this a lot but it will. Stay strong. Never let words get to you even though they hurt tremendously. If the problem is really bad tell your parents or someone at school. I hope it gets better for you :)  Always smile. Never lose faith. 

yougoyourway-illgoyourwaytoo: could you promo me please? I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
someonelivinglife: heey, i miss your posts.. just saying:) bye

Awwwwww. I was going through some personal things. But you, and hopefully others, should be glad to know that Now That’s Love is back up and running :)